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George Robinson BT Designer
Howdy!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out about me! (as if anyone, was reading this!)

My name is George Robinson, born and raised in Brazil, currently living in France, loving husband and father, who loves to travel, spend time in front of the computer.

I'm self taught designer and artist hobbyist so I love researching, discovering things, playing around with codes and pictures, just to see what happens. So I learned lots of things about design and templates.

I created this blog which is a simple blogspot (people say that because blogspot is not very reliable! But it's not that I think there are many very good ones out there blogspot), to expose some of my work.

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Living the life...
I do not think anything that can make a difference, just like living life and I am sure that someday I will get somewhere that I can say "it was worth it all."

Blogger, WordPress...
I really like the blogger platform, only because it is very easy to tamper with the code and learn.
Have not tried it in Wordpress, looks more professional, but one day I will try for sure.
For now I'll try to write some tutorials (even without knowing how to write tutorials!) and making only a few templates for Blogger. I know it will not be easy but I will try.

Well, as it is very difficult to write, (mainly because I have to use Google Translate), and also if you got here, I'll let you free and I'll try to write some articles or some template, and even thank you very much for being and read an interesting page that nobody reads.

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