How to Choose the Font of Your Blog

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Go back and half visited a blog where, no matter the quality of content, something seems to bother us, although we do not know what. Believe it or not, often responsible for this is the font used! If printing is not correct, there is no point at all times invested in blog creation and content, it will not bring results.

To help you to choose the right source for your blog, we gather here some tips and concepts that you should keep in mind before you make any decisions regarding the typography of your blog. Check out:

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What is the purpose of a source? Of course, it should allow (and help) that the visitor of a blog has its contact with its contents. Therefore, a source is useless if it is not legible and disrupt the user. When choosing a source, concentrate on its readability before anything else.

The rules for legibility of a font are simple - avoid "exaggerated" sources, stay away from extreme colors, and so on. However, if your project requires the use of a source of this kind (which is rare), use in moderation!

Also take into consideration not only the readability of the font on your computer - is increasingly common mobile navigation via smartphones or tablets, where the choice needs to be even more careful.


Colors are one of the most important aspects in the design ... and rightly so: after all, we have defined many of the things we see through colors! In terms of typography, you should choose a color that does not hinder the reading experience, while highlights and complements the page design.

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The secret lies in choosing the ideal color: it should be interesting enough to be noticed, but discreet enough not "steal" the focus of the content - after all, it's why people will visit your blog. In other words, a good set of colors (font and background) will only improve your typography, and let the very source and content to do their jobs. Color is an important aspect of design, but it is not the only important aspect of it.

Size, spacing and Placement

The text size is something which you can not experience too. Of course, you can have a huge title and, if you are building a personal website or a portfolio, you can use any type of source. However, the text should have a readable size, not too big and definitely not too small (between 12-16px).
Also take into consideration the placement of text in relation to other items on the page. If the text of your website is the most important content, make sure it is in a prominent position on the page - preferably "above the fold" and no distractions around.

The message

All the elements of a blog should convey a message, about you, your brand or your product. In order to make the typographic decisions of your blog, you should ask what the main purpose of the blog and the message he wants to convey. So, if you are creating a blog for an NGO, its typography must pass the same message, then it makes sense you use a bold and different source.

Using the right source helps you get the message you want to convey more easily. Therefore, it is worth investing a little time while creating the blog and analyze which font to use, ok?

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After all, when considering the typography of a template, make sure that the sources selected blend well with your project and your target audience. The aesthetic aspects of web design are well represented through typography and therefore you should never ignore it.

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