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Choose the images is for sure one of the most fun and difficult parts when we create a blog. Different blogs or sites need different images for different reasons. You may need a picture that suits a specific atmosphere or else a related graphic to a sale or marketing strategy. Anyway, there are some rules that cater to almost every case, and in this article we will see what they are.

Technical Quality

Choosing Images for Your Blog - BTDesigner

The easiest criterion to follow is technical: use only high-quality pictures on your site. Blurry, jagged or adapted photos should never be used!

Poor-quality images are not only unpleasant to look at, they also pass an image of amateurism, and that's the last thing you want associated with your website.

Another important aspect is the size of images: taking into account the site's design, look for cause them to have at least 300 pixels (height or width).

But at the same time that your photos must be of high quality and of a good size for viewing, you should try to make the file itself is small, so that the loading time of your site does not become too long!

Photos for your Business

Choosing Images for Your Blog BTDesigner

If your blog is a business page for your product or service, you need to choose images that can promote your business efficiently.

To promote products, use a separate photo for each item. Do not try to save "squeezing" its entire product line in a group photo.

Product look better on a white background. It is also useful to show the same product from several different angles.

When promoting a service, you can use images that capture an action - the delivery of an order, the repair of a vehicle, the manufacture of a piece, etc. - Or images that show a result - an appetizing meal, function rooms, a stylish hairstyle, etc.

If you are a service provider, use your own photo (in the "About Us") may be a good idea. In this case, a simple picture will be enough. But you can also give an upgrade on the site to use a photo where you show up with an accessory that symbolizes your business (an apron, a camera, a measuring tape, etc).

Stock Photos

Choosing Images for Your Blog Stock Photos BTDesigner

Generic images that illustrate a situation any are extremely useful when you are creating your site. They save you time and money, and are generally of high quality.

Like the stock photos are created to serve in different situations, it can be generic too much for what you need. To prevent this from happening:

  • When searching for the right photo, try to be as specific as possible; Avoid using common words (like "food" or "persons").
  • You are trying to pass a picture of nostalgia? Its target audience is parents? Your website design has a minimalist style? Choose an image that not only demosntra correct the situation, but it also helps to give an atmosphere to the site.
  • Do not try to be too sophisticated. Use an image that is clearly related to site content.

The Most Important Part - Use Images!

Choosing Images for Your Blog BTDesigner

Commonly found websites with little or no picture. Often this means or inefficient design and a bad experience for the visitor.

Images are not just a garnish. They are also an important marketing tool because it enriches the content of a site and show your visitor that your site is not a scam.

That does not mean you should load your site with photos; just make the images on your website as a priority when creating it.

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